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AH-64D, CH-47F, OH-58D, UH-60M helicopters

Improved Data Modem (IDM)

The IDM is an aviation-based multi-channel terminal that exchanges Variable Message Format (VMF) and Air Force Applications Program Development (AFAPD) messages with other air and ground assets. The Thomas Production Company designed, built, and delivered eleven fully-qualified IDM V9.1, V9.2, and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) IDM OFPs for the IDM-304, IDM-304B, and IDM-401. Using our own Ventus product for MIL-STD-188-220, the IDM provides ad-hoc Private Net capability as well as the data link to the Tactical Internet.

See Improved Data Modem for more information.

Data Links and Protocols

The Thomas Production Company offers the complete range of data link products for embedded environments. Using the latest standards and technologies you can build a custom tactical data link to fit any form factor and communications requirement.

See Products for more information.

Thomas Production Company data link products

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Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE)

As a member of the FACE Consortium, the Thomas Production Company is dedicated to the adoption of open standards as a way of lowering costs, reducing integration time, and increasing portability. All of our products can be packaged for FACE environments.

See for more information.

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